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metal or
tile roof?


Metal roofs have come a long way since the old corrugated tin roof. They're now more popular than tile roofs not only because of their cost effectiveness but also their longevity.


Advantages of metal roofs include:

  • Almost unlimited colour selection

  • Variety of modern profiles to suit any home design

  • Hail and impact resistant

  • Extremely weather durable

  • Very good value for money

  • Easier to detect leaks

  • Faster and cheaper to replace sheets of metal than a collection of tiles

  • Pest control is simpler

Metal roofing materials (including Colourbond) typically come with a minimum of 25 year warranties- also covering flaking and chipping.

​If you're considering installing a water tank or already have one, a metal roof is the way to go. Tiles absorb a percentage of the water and also retain dirt, dust and other yucky things you don't want floating around. Metal roofs will harvest water more efficiently and cleanly for your family.

Colourbond is 10% of the weight of tile roofs! It also doesn't change weight from water absorption, so your roof frames are under a lot less stress- making engineering specifications simpler.


A metal roof is also more desirable for eaves and verandas because of its lighter weight (plus it gives you that traditional Australian veranda look).

So what do you think? Metal roof or tile?

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