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Metal Roofing Northern Beaches

North Shore Roofing Solutions: Your Source for Metal Roofing in Northern Beaches


Metal Roofing Northern Beaches: Are you in the market for metal roofing in Northern Beaches?

There is much to love about metal roofing, from their nearly limitless colour options to their durability in all types of weather. At North Shore Roofing Solutions, we can provide both new COLORBOND roofs and re-roofing services in the Northern Beaches, as well as repairs for existing tile and metal roofs. If you require any service in this niche, we are the company to call.


What You Can Expect from North Shore Roofing Solutions and Our Metal Roofing in Northern Beaches

If you need a new roof in Northern Beaches or are doing a renovation and want to re-roof while you are at it, North Shore Roofing Solutions can help. Here’s what to expect when working with us:

  • Honest advice: Many customers come to us wanting to learn a little more about metal roofs and how they compare to tile roofs. We are happy to advise you honestly on which type of roof is better for your home. We firmly believe that COLORBOND roofs are superior in most cases: they weigh less, allow for easier pest control and are generally easier to maintain. But, of course, we are happy to give you an individual opinion.

  • Friendly and attentive service: North Shore Roofing Solutions is a family owned and operated business that constantly strives to operate with a ‘small town attitude.’ We genuinely care about our customers and their satisfaction and will provide friendly and attentive service throughout your roofing project.

  • Warranty coverage: When you hire us for your Northern Beaches metal roofing project, you will get a warranty to go along with your new roof. Most COLORBOND roofs come with 25-year materials warranty at a minimum. It’s easy to overlook warranty protection when shopping for different roofing providers and comparing price quotes. We make sure a workmanship warranty of seven years is a given.


Services We Provide Related to Metal Roofing in Northern Beaches


In addition to installing new roofs or working on re-roofing projects, our team at North Shore Roofing Solutions provides a variety of related services. These include:

  • Roof plumbing: Any roof—metal, tile or otherwise—needs a smart roof plumbing design. Gutters and downpipes can protect the roof from stormwater and other debris, reducing the risk of water damage and extending the lifespan of the roof.

  • Roof repairs: Roof cleaning is a vital form of roof maintenance. At North Shore Roofing Solutions, we can perform an array of different repair services for both metal roofs and tile roofs. These services include leak detection and sealing, pressure cleaning and re-pointing.

  • Skylight and whirlybird installation: Skylights can bring some much-needed natural light into your home, while whirlybirds can ventilate your home and keep it naturally cool in the summertime. North Shore Roofing Solutions can install both.

At North Shore Roofing Solutions, we feel fortunate to serve homeowners, families, real estate developers, strata operators and businesses in the Northern Beaches area. If you have a project in mind that involves metal roofing, contact us today.

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