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Roofing North Sydney

Treat Yourself to a New Roof from North Shore Roofing Solutions, Reliable Sydney Contractors


Roofing North Sydney: COLORBOND is the best option for roofing in North Sydney.

Aside from the foundation of the building, a good roof is the most important part of a home or commercial building. A good roof keeps the elements out and helps to ensure that the structure is kept safe and the air inside is at the right temperature. If you aren’t satisfied with your current roof, or if it’s simply ageing, then North Sydney, it’s time to get a new roof using COLORBOND technology.

What you can expect from North Shore Roofing Solutions with Roofing in North Sydney

NSRS is a professional roofing company that offers our clients in North Sydney roofing solutions that look good and work even better.

  • Long-lasting Protection – Our new roofing services in North Sydney comes with a 25-year warranty that protects you from wear and tear, including flaking and chipping. The metal material is naturally resistant to hail and other regular impacts that may affect your roof.

  • Complete Customisation – Metal roofs are incredibly versatile. We can fashion the correct sheets for your roof and customise them exactly to your needs. COLORBOND metal roofing also lets us offer you complete control over the colour that you would like for your roof.

  • Great Value – Metal roofs are an economical choice for your home. The technology has advanced to the point that custom-made sheets of metal are extremely affordable. As our costs are lower with metal roofing, we pass the savings on to you.

Problems a New Roof in North Sydney from North Shore Roofing Solutions Can Resolve

Metal roofing in North Sydney can respond to or prevent several issues that you may encounter.

  • Simpler Pest Control – Metal sheets are vastly more resistant to pest intrusion than tiles. As traditional as overlaid tiles can be, metal offers a distinct kind of attractiveness without permitting ingress to termites, roaches, and other unwanted critters.

  • Water Tank Collection – If you have an exterior water tank, a metal roof is the right choice. It doesn’t absorb water in the same way that tiling does, and the smoother exterior means that there will be less muck and dirt for the water to pick up as it flows over the roof.

  • Structural Instability – COLORBOND metal roofing weighs at least 50% less than tile roofing and maintains a static weight regardless of moisture and weather conditions. This means that building frames and foundations will struggle less with inconsistency and weight.

Whether for a home or a business, these problems can be avoided by using our COLORBOND metal roofing.

Why North Shore Roofing Solutions is Cost Effective

Regarding human needs, having a roof over your head is up there with food to eat and air to breathe. Let NSRS ensure that your roof provides you with the protection and security that you need.

Don’t let roofing problems get you down. Upgrade to a new metal roof in North Sydney from NSRS to start saving money and protect your home in style. Contact us today to find out how COLORBOND metal roofing can improve your life.

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