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Roof Repair Manly

Choose North Shore Roofing Solutions for a Lasting Roof Repair in Manly


Roof Repair Manly: Protect your finances and your home’s condition with an early roof repair in Manly.


At North Shore Roofing Solutions, we’re a family-run business that can handle all of the requirements related to Manly roofing. From new installations to repointing to everything in between, we can restore your roof to pristine condition efficiently and for a competitive price. If you want to add years to the lifespan of your roof while reducing your energy bills and maintaining your home’s condition, we can help you. Call us to book an assessment, and our roofing contractors in Manly will reach your home without delay.

Roof Repair Manly by North Shore Roofing Solutions

What Sets North Shore Roofing Solutions Apart Regarding Roof Repairs in Manly?


We’re quickly growing to become one of the most highly-recommended teams of roofing contractors in Manly for several reasons, some of which include the following.


  • We cover our work with extended warranties: We’re highly trained, qualified, and fully insured for your peace of mind. To ensure you can trust our services, we provide exceptional guarantees. Most of our new roofs and repairs come with 7 year workmanship warranties and 25-year material warranties. Provided you stay on top of maintenance, you can expect your restored roof to survive a lifetime—and you can rely on us for routine upkeep, too.

  • We excel in metal roofing solutions: If your roof is severely damaged and needs replacing, we highly recommend opting for a metal solution. Modern metal roofs have come a long way since the corrugated, industrial-type systems of old. Our solutions are beneficial because they’ll likely last longer than tiles roofs and they are easier to repair. They’re also more cost-efficient, and they put up stiff resistance to corrosion, the elements, water penetration, and pests.

  • We’re a family-run business with a small-town attitude: When you choose our roofing contractors in Manly, you can expect a highly personalised, professional, and friendly service. With a team of qualified professionals that uphold our family values, we’ve gained a reputation for excelling in customer service.

Roof Repairs

The Importance of an Early Roof Repair in Manly


It’s always better to catch and repair minor issues before they become severe. Here’s why.

  • Prevent your home from sustaining water damage: If moisture penetrates your roof, the consequences can include a damp interior and mould growth, which can be hazardous to your health as well as detrimental to your property’s condition. Don’t let the elements pose a threat to your home or family–call our professionals as soon as you suspect a problem.  Houses and roofs in Manly and other Northern Beaches, are particularly susceptible to damage and degradation due to the salty sea air.

  • Save money in the long run: The earlier you spot and address issues, the cheaper they are to fix. If you want to prevent repair fees from spiralling out of control or causing extensive damage, call us for roof repairs in Manly.

  • Minimise your utility bills: Leaks and cracks in your roof allow the air inside your home to escape quickly, increasing your energy heating and cooling requirements in the process. Our roofing contractors will ensure your home remains economical with reliable and long-lasting repairs.

Why You Should Use North Shore Roofing Solutions

Over the past four years, we’ve helped more than 450 developers, homeowners, and commercial clients with our roof repairs, and we never settle for anything less than 100% satisfaction. If you’ve spotted a leak or suspect your roof may be problematic, contact us for an assessment, a free quote, and advice you can trust.

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